About us

Kang Jou Technology company was established in January 2014 and has been established in the LED business for indoor, outdoor, industrial, construction and intelligent lighting products. We have a professional team that can provide customers with lighting design, construction, outdoor lighting design, energy saving planning projects, and through the light source design and development, to provide customers with complete lighting configuration and lighting planning, as well as professional application knowledge and innovative ideas to provide the world Advanced overall LED solution. To contribute to improving the quality of human lighting

We offer the following

Lighting design services
Lighting design system integration
Custom lighting design planning and development
Public project planning and design
Construction project planning and service
Energy conservation planning and services

Content include

1. Lighting design (store / building / park / bridge / house)
2. Energy Conservation Planning (ESCO / Placing and Taipower / Green Building)
3. Lighting Products Introduction and Sales (Indoor Lighting / Outdoor Lighting / Landscape / Street Light / LED Related Applications)
4. Lighting calculation DiaLux "(to assist customer space configuration / ignition calculation / in line with CNS national standard design)
5. 3 D drawing (to help customers from the plane map to 3D graphics lights)
6. Light simulation (day and night lights do simulation results)
7. Animation (with special design, can produce DMX, PLC-related animation)
8. Design lighting specifications and other services (custom design service)