Lighting design and services

Our professional team can provide the following services

1.Lighting design (shop / building / park / bridge / house)

2. Energy Conservation Planning (ESCO / Placing and Taipower / Green Building)

3.Lighting Products (Indoor Lighting / Outdoor Lighting / Landscape / Street Light / LED Related Applications)

4. Lighting calculation DiaLux "(to assist customer space configuration / illumination calculation / in line with CNS national level specification design)

5. 3 D drawing (to help customers from the plane map to the 3D drawing of the light)

6. Light simulation (day and night lights to do a simulation effect)

7. animation (with special design, can produce DMX, PLC-related animation)

8. Design lamps and other services

Lighting design case

Foreign Landmark

Large international condominiums.

Foreign luxury residential

Lighting design and planning for foreign luxury residential.